Redd Sound Studios

The studio located in Warrington, Bucks County, PA

We have been in business since 1992 with well over 22+ years of professional recording experience.

The studio has produced and recorded all types for cover bands, original bands and artist as well as radio personalities, voice over artists, as well as several well known authors.

We specialize in producing full length/full production albums as well as creating singles and demos. We also do voice-over work for radio, video and internet multi-media projects.

There is not project too large or small.


Main Engineer/Producer

Ben Redd

A long time musician and songwriter who has written many songs and recorded many original albums of his own. He has also helped artists and cover bands produce and record their projects since 1989.

Ben founded and crafted the sound and songs of Big Ben and Bushmen.  This band enjoyed some local success generating a following, some local air play on WXPN and various other stations on the East Coast, as well as making their CDs available in record stores such as Wall-to-Wall sound, FYE, and independants in the Tri-State Area.

Please click here to listen to Ben Redd's music.


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