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Urban Funk Monkies

Urban Funk Monkies

Urban Funk Monkies

Urban Cowboys

Dave...Need some clothes with that washboard?

Dress Blues

Dress Blues...doing Star Trek

"...go son go..."

Dress Blues

The Dress Blues are a grass roots club band that can also be booked to
play parties and special affairs.

Contact Dennis Smilie at (215) 793-9589

Dress Blues

Randy Altmiller

Randy Altmiller and John Lorenc

Jamie Lewis

Up and comming POP singer

Tom Brydabell

Recording thier demo under the name

'Mute Blue'

Mat Brydabell

Mat actually playing this time!

Mute Blue

Jennifer Zimmerman singing for

Play Care Inc.

The Drive Home

Rick looking cool

Joe "phone" R. negotiating a record
I mean Pizza deal.

Showing support for the band
and rocking out!

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Wasted Day

Sean !!!!!
...kinda looking like Joe R. from The Drive Home.

Posing for the girls.


Ed & Sean

Girls Girls Girls

Why isn't Tom behind the drums??

Bob Shetzline

One man acoustic rock show.
Bookings: (215) 657-2165

Bob not only sang, but he played the guitar, piano,
synth, bass and percussion


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