The Main Room (Room A)

This is were most of the action takes place. The mixdown sessions are conducted in this room. Some tracking can also take place in this room. Through pre-wired isolation rooms, musicians can play together in front of each other just like they are used to in a live situation and still maintain track isolation.

If there is a need to split up players then the use of our wall mounted video monitors can be used. They can show views of connections to Room B and the Piano Room. Headphone mixes will allow for everyone to communicate and hear each others tracks at any level.


Room B

This room sits right next to Room A with a nice glass door view to the Main Room. It is well soundproofed and thus is used for recording vocals or other instruments such as Acoustic Guitars, Horns, Strings, etc.

The room is pre-wired with multiple headphone and microphone jacks as well as a large screen studio Video monitor.

It also doubles as a lounge as it is equipped with a couch, flat screen TV, Internet, laptop, coffee/tea maker



Ambient Isolation Room

Separate from the other tracking rooms is an isolation room with a very nice natural reverb.

This room can also be dampened with our portable studio foam panels. Thus, it can be made completely dead, completely ambient or something in between.

The room is often used for mic'ing up guitar and bass amps with both close and room microphone arrangements.

Other instruments such as acoustic guitar, wind instruments, light percussion, etc can also benefit from being recorded in this room.

This room is pre-wired with multiple microphone and headphone jacks.



Acoustic Piano Room

This room houses a 5.5 ft baby grand piano.

Placed in a large room with a high ceiling and wood floor, the sound is even and smooth.

The room is pre-wired with multiple headphone and microphone jacks as well as a large screen studio video monitor.



Live Percussion

Live drums and percussion can bring life to a recording. A high end six piece kit is on-site. This kit employs heavy duty hardware with split tom mounts thus allowing it to be changed quickly. What ever your musical style dictates!

Some of the kit highlights are: Double or single kick pedal, Zildjian Rock hi-hat cymbals.

The drum sizes are as follows: 14x7 wood snare, 10x9 Tom1, 12x10 Tom2, 14x12 Tom3/Floor1, 16x14 Floor2 and a 22x15 Kick.

Additional Percussion: 12x4 piccolo snare drum, 10 x 6 snare drum, Caribbean rain stick, Nigerian wood block, Rhythm Tech Tambourine, LP 7" & 9" Bongos with stand, xylophone and various shakers.

The onsite kit saves setup time, and because it is tuned for recording, will not compromise sound quality.

If desired, we can even record all or part of your drum kit.





Guitar and Bass Amplifiers/Rigs

These are all available at NO charge.

The Main Guitar amplifier setup consists of: Marshall 4x4 1960 vintage slant loaded with Celestian Vintage 30s. Intelliflex multi-processor. Rocktron 300G compressor/Hush. Marshall JMP1 and a Mesa Boogie Simul-Class 2/90.

Other small Peavey and Fender amplifiers are available.

The Main Bass Rig consists of: TC Electronics 1140 Preamp BBE Sonic Maximizer ART PRO VLA Tube Compressor.

There is also a Peavey TKO Combo Bass Amp if needed.


Several amplifiers and guitars are available at NO charge. The Guitar list consists of: Gibson Les Paul, Custom Fender Deluxe Strat, JB Cooper custom design, Guild 12 string acoustic, Takamine 6 string dreadknot, acoustic Ibanez 6 string, acoustic/electric BC Rich vintage fretless bass, Gibson vintage SG style bass.




Effects & Processors

Real to Reel is constantly updating and adding new equipment.

State of the Art AD/DA Apogee converters, high quality tube and solid state mic-pres, compressors, gates and expanders by Focusrite, Avalon, Drawmer, TC Electronic, ART, dBx, Pre Sonus, Alesis, BBE, Aphex Mackie, Hush/Rocktron, etc...

Multi-effect processors by Lexicon, Ensoniq and TC Electronics.

Signal processing such as enhancers, exciters, de-essers and noise reduction units.

Digital mastering tools by TC Electronics, as well as many SW Plug-Ins.  A drum machine is also available and can be sync'd along with tape if desired.




Multiple mix check systems

Main Mix platform: Tannoy PB 6.5s, Tannoy Powered Subwoofer, Event Studio Precision 8s.

Other monitoring room contain: Klipsch small format 5.1 surround system. Energy large format 5.1 surround system.




We have 8 matched pair high quality large diaphragm condensor mics for vocals, piano, choirs, or anything requiring full range detailed recording.  

We have 4 match pair of small diaphragm condenser mics which work great on acoustic instruments, percussion etc.  

We have at least 11 high end dynamic mics geared for drums, percussion and vocals as well as 7 other work horse instrument mics.

SInce there really are no rules when it comes to choosing a mic, we have just about what ever you need with names such as Nuemanm, AKG, Audio Technica, Sennheiser, Shure, MXL, and Peavey.




Setting up an appointment is easy. Simply give us a call or send an email.