What's New

A new room added, a face lift , new equipment, and a name change

First we have been busy these past months making sweeping physical and cosmetic changes to the studio. We spent an enormous amount of time designing and constructing a completely new sound proofed isolation/tracking room. We are proud of how this new room turned out.

Secondly, we have given the Main room a complete face lift, expanded the ceiling and added more floor space.

Third, we added high end digital editing and recording capabilities as well as great preamps and mics.

Fourth, with much thought and trepidation we changed the name of the studio from Real to Reel Studios to Redd Sound Studios.

Don't fret analog folks because we still have and maintain the real-to-reel machine and the other formats such as ADAT XT20, DAT, CD/DVD and even cassette if you can believe that.

 Tour the studio to get the details.

Some Cool History

Click here to see a few pics from a TLC show we did while doing business as Real To Reel Studios.

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